• Base variant
    Engine: Carburetor, Rotax-912ULS
    Propeller: Fixed pitch propeller VK-5u
    Flight instruments: Airspeed, vertical speed, attitude indicators, slip indicator, artificial horizon
    Engine indicators: Temperature and pressure oil, CHT, outside temperature, inlet carburetor temperature, pressure and level fuel, voltmeter
    Radio: short wave aviation radiostation
    Interior: Artificial leather
    Auxiliary equipment: Autonomic heater Planar (diesel), water pump
  • Options
    Engine: Injection, Rotax-912iS
    Propeller: Variable pitch propeller Ermak-17
    Flight instruments: Digital artificial horizon
    Flight and navigation complex: EFIS MGL Explorer 10” (pilot) (pilot+co-pilot)
    Auxiliary equipment:
    Instrument panel lighting (red, green, white on a choice)
    Autonomic heater Webasto (gasoline, diesel)
    Skis set:
    Summer set of covers (fuselage, wings, stabilizer, blades)
    Winter set of covers (summer set + warm cover of engine gimbals)
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