Not high cost and easy to operating makes this seaplane is very attractive for purchases who only beginning to training to fly. On the board of Che-24 is comfortable to take places two persons and 30kg luggage, herewith range of non-landing flights is 900km
Wingspan 11,2 m
Lenght 7,0 m
Height on ground 2,7 m
Wing area 14,3 m2
Width track chassis 2,2 m
Lenght of chassis base 2,3 m
Empty weight 380 kg
MTOW 750 kg
Fuel capacity 130 l
Crew 1
Capacity 1x80kg
Luggage 30 kg
Powerplant Rotax-912
Power 1x100 h.p.
Maximum speed 170 km/h
Cruise speed 150 km/h
Take-off speed 80 km/h
Landing speed 80 km/h
Stall speed 75 km/h
Rate to climb 3 m/s
Fuel consumption 21 l/h
Service celling 2200 m
Ranhe 900 km
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