Work on the CHE-29 aircraft began in 2009. A complex of works was carried out on the development, preliminary design, modeling, creation of a prototype, prototype, testing and modification of the Che-29 amphibious seaplane.

During the first three years, work was carried out on the design, and then on the modeling of the seaplane. After the creation of the model, the period of manufacture of special equipment began and, in parallel with it, the manufacture of a prototype seaplane.

In 2012, the first Che-29 was tested and its subsequent registration in the state register of aircraft of the Russian Federation. The aircraft was shown at the international amphibious aircraft exhibition in Gelendzhik, where the possibilities of operating a seaplane from the sea were demonstrated.

In the period from 2013 to 2017, more than 10 copies of seaplanes were built. All of them are in the register of aircraft of the Russian Federation.

In the process of gaining experience in operation and production, the designs of many units have been modified and refined. Also, many elements of the production equipment were changed, as well as the stages of the technical manufacturing process and the formulation of individual parts.

Since 2022, production has been moved to a new site. Currently, a deep modernization is being carried out in order to improve the main characteristics of the amphibious aircraft.

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