Dmitriy Plohov

Chief of forming division

He is experienced specialist of working with composite materials. He is excellent leader and organizer, who can work effective and optimal. Thanks to talent of Dmitriy Plohov our seaplanes find right and beautiful form. Novice pilot-fan.

Eduard Bychkov

Chief of assembling division

Thanks to engineer talent of Eduard Bychkov most of our aircrafts have ascended to sky. As an excellent manager and organizer, he is well versed not only in the construction of aircrafts, but also in maitenance procedures. Novice pilot-fan.

Alexey Belyshev

Chief of electric division

He is experienced specialist of working with aviation equipment, electronic control systems and power grid. The man who is ending building of each aircraft. He is the perfectly versed in ergonomics of aircrafts. The competent leader and organizer.

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