Company was founded in 2009. Company had done whole complex of works of development, preliminary design, modelling, prototype creation, creation working test sample, testing and reworking of amphibious seaplane Che-29 on its base, only on own force and with only recourses of founders.

The company for the first three years was working on designing and modeling seaplane. After creating was started period of producing special equipment and in parallel producing the first working test sample.

In 2012 was finished tests of the first working test sample and its following registration in state register of aircrafts RF. In the same year company was taking part in international exhibition of amphibious aircrafts in Gelendzhik city and shows possibilities of using seaplane on the sea. At the same time was started commercial building seaplanes Che-29.

In 2014 company has taken state license for development, producing and overhaul aviation techniques and parts by Ministry of industry and trade of RF.

In period from 2013 till 2017 company has built more than 10 copies of seaplanes. All of these one are in the registry of aircraft of RF.

Construction of many components and assemblies throughout of service life was changed and rework. Many components of special equipment, stages of producing process and recipes of production individual parts throughout of producing life was changed.

In this moment company possess unique experience and technologies of building seaplanes from composition materials. In annex #1 is possible to learn list of special equipment for producing seaplanes Che-29. This equipment is allow to build up to 10 seaplanes per year.

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